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The entrance to the camp was a hustling and bustling entry regulated by campers and protectors who would ask you why you were there and what you planned on doing in the camp.

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The camp was located next to the Cannon Ball River and when I got there this time, it was quiet and the birds surrounded me as I was walking across it.

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In the distance, Turtle Hill where members of the law enforcement camped and surveilled the protectors in the camp below.

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Flowers are blooming atop of "facebook hill" where the only place in the camp one could have enough connection to browse the internet.

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"Smile, you are on camera" reads the sign on the entrance to the construction area where the controversial pipeline was being constructed.

Revisiting Oceti Camp
nima taradji photography
Feb 17, 2022
On February 2017, the law enforcement in riot gear and automatic weapons entered the Oceti Sakowin Camp and forced all resident to leave and arrested a number of persons. The Oceti Sakowin Camp was cleared and closed. As they exited, the tribes engaged in ritual burning of their tippies and tents and whatever they could not take with them.

I re-visited the site of the protest camp in North Dakota in 2021. The area is clean and there is no indication that a protest ever took place. The pipeline was allowed to proceed when President Trump was elected and when he reversed the stop work order by President Obama…  
Currently, the affected tribes are involved with a fight with the Army Corps of Engineers and the environmental impact study that is being devised. The tribe believe that the outfit engaged to make such a study is biased and should be fired. They have stopped participating in the process.

Editorial, Documentary & Portrait Photography by Nima Taradji

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