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Lowrider Project
nima taradji photography
Aug 9, 2017
Becaboo M. Ornelas and two children do promotional work for The Brothers Car Club of Elgin, Illinois during the Slow & Low: Chicago Lowrider Festival . August 6, 2017. Lowrider culture began in the desert somewhere. Whether it started in the actual desert shared by El Paso, Texas and New Mexico, or whether it emerged from the socioeconomic desert along Whittier Boulevard, that's still up for debate. (Text by Hector Luis Alamo). Possible new addition to the series Bajito y Suavecito: #lowrider #pachuco #chicanos #customcars #photography #documentary #slowandlow #brotherscc (view on Instagram

Editorial, Documentary & Portrait Photography by Nima Taradji

Editorial, Documentary and Portrait Photography by Nima Taradji - Visual Story Telling by Nima Taradji - Based in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles
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