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Holiday Print Sale - From The Nudes Archive
nima taradji photography - holiday print sale - from the nudes archive
Dec 7, 2019
Location: Chicago, illinois
I finally got around to create a sale from my archive of nude photography-mainly from the mid 1980s to mid 1990s. Some of these images were last on display as 20 x 24 silver gelatin prints at a show in a cooperative art gallery I co-founded in Los Angeles, California. Before embarking on my law school journey, I gave away all the prints to one of my co-workers. She got my entire portfolio of prints and who knows, perhaps they are still in existence. Some others were last seen in a group show in another cooperative art gallery I co-founded here in Chicago, Illinois.

Here are some of them seeing the light of day again. They were taken either on 35mm Tri-x using Canon cameras or 120 Tri-x using my trusted Mamiya RB67. I developed and printed all the original film and prints. I have also scanned the images myself using the original negatives. None of the digital files are from copy negatives. All images where then edited by me in Adobe Photoshop. I am sad to say that I no longer print my own work--digital printing is something I like to leave to professionals since they know way better than me. I do not have a darkroom anymore and so I don't pretend to know anything about printing: all I do know is how I want the image to finally look.

I have priced these images in a very affordable manner-I wanted to make them accessible to pretty much everyone who wants one. Every print will be signed by me, using archival pen and by my hands (no stamping BS). I also emboss my prints on the lower right corner of each print to verify their authenticity. They will be shipped domestically either via Ground or 2 Day Air according to your choice.

So, check them out at the link below!

Nima Taradji Editorial and Documentary Photography, Print Sale - Nudes
Black and white nude photography by Nima Taradji - Holiday Sale Prices

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