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“The beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

I was born in Iran, grew up in France, and then moved to the United States where I attended college in Texas. After graduation I moved to California and now reside in Chicago, Illinois. When I retired as an attorney, I decided to pick up that which I wanted to do since I was a kid and was walking around with a plastic camera my dad had given me. Now, as a documentary photographer I pay particular attention to the cultural, social and political landscape of our society and photograph issues I find important to me. I see my camera as a tool that gives me an excuse to go places, see people and to explore the world and learn about people, issues and places with which I am unfamilar. I view photography as a learning experience, with seemingly, no end in sight.

My photographs have been published in various national and international magazines and periodicals including:

The Washington Post
The New York Times' Lens Blog
Investor's Business Daily
Crain's Business Journal
Today's Chicago Woman
Zeke Magazine
Corriere Della Serra
French Morning
Photo District News
CBS Chicago
Interview Magazine 

To inquire about my availability and to discuss assignments please contact me directly or through Polaris Images.


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  • - "Delia-A Transgender Female" on LensCulture 
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  • FEATURE #73 “THE SENSE OF DISARRAY” in streetphotographerblog  
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Photo courtesy of Marc Perlish.

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